Brown County in the Civil War

From it's ravenous hunger for men and materials, to the outright destruction it brought with its battles, the Civil War reshaped the American land like a glacier. It left homes and towns in ruins, and built up crossroads and farms to enormous heights. Not all military service is uniformed, and the duty of supporting the armies in the field fell largely on the women and children left behind.

Brown County was no exception to this, the enormous task of continuing their lives as normal, and sustaining the regiments that had marched off, became an everyday struggle. Some of those hardships are documented here, including the lengths veterans and families went to commemorate their efforts.

Touched by Fire • Sparks from the Campfire • Where did the Civil War Begin

 The Ursulines During the War • Life along the Border • The Ripley Cannon • The Squirrel Hunters • The Home Front

A Complete List of Brown County Memorials