Brown County in the Civil War

Over 3,000 enlisted men, nine generals, four admirals, and a future president would come out of Brown County before the war was over, all from a county with a population of just over twenty thousand. Listed here are personal excerpts from those soldiers and sailors, and their time in service for the Union.

 Brigadier General August Kautz •  BG Jacob Ammen • BG Stephen McGroarty • BG Thomas Taylor • BG James Fyffe • BG Carr B. White • BG Granville Moody • BG John Grant Marshall • Colonel Dewitt Clinton Loudon • Col Joseph Woods • Captain Frederick Kautz • Cpt Robert Higgins • Lieutenant William H. Hannal • Corporal Michael Brunner • Private George Washington Walker

Rear Admiral Albert Kautz • RA Daniel Ammen • RA Joseph Fyffe • RA Joseph Hemphill 

Congressman Chilton White • Dr. Gordon and Family


Brown County Regiments

Presented below is a selected history of organized units that enlisted from Brown County, and the roles they undertook in course of the war. Brown County soldiers fought in every major battle from Bull Run to Appomattox, and a thousand smaller ones in-between. These articles reflect the the regimental exploits and history of these men.

The War Begins • The Regiments Form

12th OVI • 27th OVI • 34th OVI • 47th OVI • 48th OVI • 50th OVI • 59th OVI • 60th OVI

61st OVI • 70th OVI • 89th OVI • 127th OVI • 160 OVI • Other regiments

4th IOVC • 7th OVC • 11th OVC • Battery F, 1st OVLA • 27th USCT 

Brown Water Navy • Brown County Medical Corps