─── Membership ───

Our members and trustees are entirely volunteer, and we're always looking for more people to share the experience with. Whether in or out of uniform, behind the scenes or center stage, we always need more helping hands.

Members regularly interpret soldiers and civilians, Union and Confederate, well-known and obscure alike. Getting involved is as easy as attending an event or coming to a monthly roundtable. For more information, contact Mike McQueary.

─── In the News ───

─── The 70th Ohio Volunteer Infantry ───

Southern Ohio's "Award Winning" Living Historians

While the regiment's original flag has long been furled, we strive to honor their legacy. Comprised of officers and enlisted men, the 70th routinely serves in memorials, parades, and other living-history events. 

Primarily fielding a Color Guard for reviews and dedications, we are always looking for recruits, fresh faces and old hands alike. The 70th is a progressive unit, dedicated to education and perspective.

No equipment or experience is necessary to participate. For more information feel free to contact us.